Monday, February 4, 2008

eden's ibbs (itty bitty booties)

i got a sewing machine for christmas and, although i don't know what i'm doing, i'm trying my hand at it. this is my first project with my new toy. i've spent the past 7 months trying to get eden into a pair of booties that actually stay on her, i decided to try to make her some funky little shoes. now that i have, and had a lot of fun with them, i'm going to quit my job and make booties full time. i'll start off by selling them at the weekend farmers market where they'll get discovered by a baby footwear manufacturer. i'll design a whole collection of booties. then, i'll start to sell them worldwide and eventually take over the baby shoe market and...oh, is a photo of my humble attempt at making my daughter something to cover her feet....
i got the pattern for these booties online from heather bailey. heather has set up a photo group on flickr for everyone who's used the pattern. click here to view.

jen stark rip-off

ok, this is a blatant rip-off of an artists work that i fell in love with. it was fun to figure out and make. i'm sorry jen stark for stealing your idea. it's hanging in my bathroom and i promise not to sell it! to see the original go to work is amazing. btw, a plexiglass frame is not so easy to make!

joyeau* towel holder

this is a fun little project that was born out of my laziness...why fold a towel neatly when you can stuff it in a star? these little towel holders are named after my friend jo-lynne breau.

(*for all the bilingual folks out there i only miss the 'x' because jo-lynne doesn't spell her name with an 'x'...but, she's still a star to me! cough cough).

the phanoli bookshelf

i love to read and have a ton of paperback novels laying around my home. to house a few of them i built the phanoli bookshelf (named after my cousin, stephanie olive, who reads even more than i do). it can get a little tricky when your stack of books reaches the top, but it's still fun. i'm thinking of building another one in a blond wood. i owe stephanie one of her own...!

enia boxes

i built these storage boxes in the spring of 2006. they were my first real design. not only are they great for hiding all sorts of clutter, but they were also featured in an exhibit put on by the Industrial Designers of Edmonton Association's called THAW in 2006.

named after my daughter eden nia.

eden's crib

the first project i'll post is my favourite. it's my daughters crib. it's not my own design, but it is my own build. i fell in love with a designer crib online, but being as cheap as i am i decided i would make a knockoff. so, we bought a $100 ikea crib and pimped it out. i posted the project to instructables (although it is still not officially published), click here if you want to pimp out a crib of your very own.

giving it a try

here i go...diving in to the blogging world. my idea is to keep a running tally of my projects. i love to make all sorts of things. sometimes crazy things (i have a very patient husband), sometimes just boring practical things, but mostly just whatever strikes me. i'll start with some older projects and then move into the new ones. here i go...