Sunday, June 8, 2008

a knife holder

* my family and i just got back in to our house last night after being evacuated because of a local brush fire. everyone is ok, but it was interesting to see what you really would take with you in case of a fire. once we had eden and the cats packed up it was all about our pictures. our wedding album and a couple of framed pics. everything else wasn't given a second thought (well, i lie...i did think about my tools!). just goes to show you the rest of it is just stuff. and, speaking of's an old project.

i was working on a project for my day job that required bamboo skewers. after playing around with a bunch of them i thought 'hey, this would make a cool pen holder', which turned into 'hey, this would make a cool knife holder'. so, i made a cool knife holder. then some guy in australia made a cool knife holder too. and, we all know how that turned out. they are all over the place now.

the design was even featured on "She's Crafty". here is the project plan.
*i don't have a pic of my original knife holder build, the knife holder shown here was built by my friend Louie.