Monday, May 5, 2008

a 4 year old's birthday present

my niece turned 4 this past week. and to honour her love of all things fairy and all things fairy princess (she insists there is a difference between the two!) i made her a fairy door.

a few months ago, i came across a story about a man by the name of Jonathan B. Wright who started a whole 'urban fairy' phenomena in Ann Arbor. very cute story.

these doors are sold all over the internet, but my niece's door was directly inspired by steph's work over at etsy. i love the spin she puts on her door description. steph points out that the fun begins when discovering what kind of fairy has moved in...a travel fairy, a cleaning fairy, etc. very clever idea to use on kids!

i found steph's work through leslie's write-up on her blog, a room somewhere.