Monday, June 2, 2008

a frog mirror and storage for a budding Imelda Marcos

eden is just at that age where she loves to look at herself in the mirror (although i'm sure we all know a couple of adults who are still at that age!), so i've made her a little frog mirror. i was inspired by eden's new book about colour that has this cute little picture of a frog.

it is a little rough around the edges because i cut it out with a jigsaw (if my husband is reading this blog i would love a router for my birthday!). the mirror is a 10" round from Michaels.

shoe shelves

i was sorting out e's closet yesterday and ended up creating tower of her shoes. yeah, she's a little spoiled. half went in to a bag for the sally ann, the other half got a little storage treatment.

just before eden was born i made up some shelves and a slat wall panel for her very tiny closet. i bought pegs and a plexiglass shelf for the wall panel. the plexiglass shelf was perfect for placing little shoes on....but, at $8 each a little too pricey to buy in bulk. that's where my trusty 1/8" mdf and bottle of carpenter's glue came in handy.

after a couple of coats of paint they'll be good to go.