Tuesday, April 29, 2008

e shelf

ok...so more than a little late...but, the extra effort put into making this just right paid off i think! this is a project that i've been wanting to do for months now. i know i should be working on my floor, but this wouldn't be the first time i've done what's fun instead of what's necessary!

chances are that eden won't find any mugs or cute little sparkly pens with her name on it...the least i could do is give her something personalized. the fact that this item will hold all of her new-found (and mounting) hair bobbles and ever growing supply of ointments, lotions, etc. is a bonus.

the shelf measures 16" x 24". i traced an 'e' onto a big sheet of 1/4" mdf using my projector and cut it out with a jigsaw. the actual shelf part is also made out of mdf. i'm going to hang this in eden's bedroom.

ok, now on to the floor...honestly!