Friday, May 6, 2011

I have a winning rack...ahem, bike rack

The Halifax Regional Municipality recently held a bike rack design competition. Design a rack for placement at the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal. Fun, right? And, with the added bonus of winning a new bike (I love new bikes).

The marketer in me couldn't pass up submitting a marketing statement/bike rack design-hybrid for the city.

Here is the transit logo -

Here is the design I submitted -

With bike (config 1) -

With bike (config 2) -

The results are in. I've been named "second" winner. I'm not quite sure what that means yet -other than not looking awesome on my new bike (I'm not saying I begrudge the 16 year-old first place winner her bike. I'm just sayin').

My design has been submitted to Metro Transit with the recommendation they be placed at various bus terminals around the city. That would be cool. (Yeah, but, can I ride cool around town...?)

Thanks to HRM for picking my design and loading me up with great alternative prizes!

And, Aelyn Murphy, your winning design is awesome! I'm just teasing. Enjoy your new bike!

Public announcement -