Monday, February 18, 2008

myng vase slipcover

one day when i looked around my home i noticed that i seemed to be collecting little rectangular glass vases, i had at least half a dozen (no idea why). just the cheapy walmart kind to hold flowers, candy, loose change, etc. i decided to spruce them up a bit and put together the myng vase slipcover (named after my friend amy long).

this one is made out of 1/4 poplar. i used a couple of different drill bit sizes to add the circles and glued it all together. super easy.

i'm thinking of a couple of fun ones as well...maybe some funky painted mdf ones. what do you think?


thanks to jo and kim over at desire to inspire for featuring akacarolyn on their blog over the weekend. their site is a must see! so gorgeous...take a look.