Saturday, July 21, 2012

Owen's Pride Custom Tack Box

As someone who has ridden a horse exactly twice (and not very successfully!), I admit to not knowing a whole lot about the work and care that goes into enjoying one. 

My friend Leigh-Ann, on the other hand, knows it well. She has a sweet horse named Cooper who, I've learned, comes with a lot of stuff! 

Leigh-Ann mentioned how much she longed for a nice - and big - custom tack box for the barn and, of course, I was happy to oblige. 

***Insert funny imaginary montage of me trying to figure out how to build a tack box!***

Here is the result....

The closed piece measures 5' high x 2' wide x 2.5' deep.  

I customized it with black trim and a black hand-painted decal of Leigh-Ann's horse show (Owen's Pride) and tattoo design. 

Here is an inside shot. Places for saddle, helmet, gloves, grooming gear, etc., etc.

Detail shots.

The whole piece has a little shelf on the top that came to be completely by accident - but I'm told it works well for hanging some sort of more horse stuff (see how educated I've become?!).

So, now that I know what a tack box is and how to build one, I can make some more! 

Send me an email if you want one for yourself!