Monday, March 10, 2008

make-shift dresser

before my daughter was born we used her room as our home office. i'd built a crazy big desk for our computer, complete with all sorts of open storage. well, the computer had to come out to make room for eden and the desk was honestly too huge to go anywhere else in our little, i turned it into a dresser.

first i removed the actual desk part of the unit and then i built little storage bins out of 1/4 MDF that slide in and out of the shelves.

the painted design was the fun part. i knew i wanted circles and a designed that flowed from one box to the, i first tied all of the boxes together, then i traced out different sized circles on them using things like cd's and drinking glasses as my template. then i got out my paint and painted a thick ring around each traced out circle. i placed colour coded sticker labels in a circle over each painted ring, painted the whole thing white and then peeled off the stickers. looks kind of neat, i think!


i've scaled myself back to weekly posting. i've discovered that i have an affinity for making crazy time-consuming things...either that or i'm pretty pokey! either way i'll try to stick to publishing a new post every monday, unless i have something to say or show before then.