Monday, April 14, 2008

laptop bag & advice needed

for some reason i've never liked being called crafty. the word 'crafty' conjures up images of fluffy bunnies and appliqué hearts for me. but, lately i'm finding myself doing crafty-like projects. for example, this laptop bag. a layer of foam, pretty fabric, clear plastic, a zipper and you've got yourself a laptop bag. cute.

alright, moving away from the crafty stuff for awhile. on to building stuff. i feel like i should insert a tim-the-toolman grunt here!

but, first i've got to take care of a priority... i need to lay some flooring in my spare bedroom. and, because i've never laid flooring, i need some help.

here is my newly painted room (cotton blossom). we ripped up the old carpet and have to now rip up the underfloor cushion and stripping around the edges. i want to create a floor from mdf. i know it sounds crazy. but, debbie travis did it!

i'm looking for some advice from you about laying floor. specifically laying an mdf floor. i'll cut it into 4' x 4' tiles, seal it up on all sides really well and screw it in to the existing plywood. then i want to paint it a high gloss white and put a couple of coats of a vanish on top. let me know what you think.