Wednesday, February 20, 2008

on-cue key holder

i am forever losing track of my keys, bank card, lipstick, basically anything that isn't attached to my person. so, it was really important for my sanity to have a designated place to dump all of my stuff when i come in the door. i wanted something really casual. my original idea was to have something that i could just chuck my stuff at and it would stick. this design doesn't quite do it, you have to wedge things in, but i still think it's fun. this catch-all holder is a pine box with four bright green broom heads screwed to the insides. i do think that if the broom heads were a little more ridgid that i would get my stick-to-it effect. i'll have to try it out some day!

named after my friend jason (louie) cullen...on-cue because it was supposed to 'catch' things on-cue!


i'm feeling a little 'awh, shucks' about the write-up leslie over at a room somewhere posted on akacarolyn. seriously, nice. thanks!


Leslie said...

you're so wonderful, you deserve all the publicity (not that i get THAT many readers), but you have great ideas worth sharing. :)

Far From Perfect said...

i have no idea how i clicked my way to you... love your blog. trying to 'think' or feel differently about my living space... it's a struggle...