Wednesday, February 27, 2008

whirly shelf

this is a little storage shelf i dreamed up after noticing the rims on a car one day. i was thinking about how they spun and thought it would be fun to make a shelf that spun too.

the 'cover' spins from the blue square to reveal three little secret shelves. the whole whirly shelf only measures 16'' x 16'', so the little shelves inside are tiny....perfect for hiding jewelry and little nic-nacs.

built for my friend tammy, but named after my friend shawna shirley.

(don't worry tammy, i'm thinking up something to name you after!)


Anonymous said...

I love your designs Carolyn...they are awesome. You are very very you sell this stuff??

Carolyn said...

is this my husband or my best friend asking? lol. they are always telling me to start selling my designs! honestly, if i knew how or where i would. thanks for the compliment!