Sunday, March 30, 2008

the before shot

i've been putting together a laptop bag this past week (the countdown to my last day of maternity leave is on), and i was going to post the finished product...but, i came across a site yesterday that ties in to an old project of mine and is too great not to share.

the photo above is a before shot of our spare bedroom that's getting the overhaul. the wall above the bed was my 'statement wall', a great black and white photo of waves that i blew up and then printed on over 80 sheets of paper (then pinned each sheet to the wall! tell me i'm not regretting that decision as i renovate). crazy me did all this via photoshop and a grid pattern. it took too long to figure out. had i known at the time that the rasterbator existed i would have been all set.

the rasterbator is a software that some genius of a person (who had fun coming up with the name, i'm sure) put together to create huge wall murals, posters, etc. from regular sized photos. you upload a photo, specify the size you want and it comes out with a pdf document that you simply send to print. seriously, check it out. it does all the work for you. i think i may have to use this in some fun way soon.

when i was looking for the photo above i found a photo of my old bathroom 'statement wall'. i know, i went through this whole crazy phase.

what i did here is cover a whole wall in mactac and then cover that sheet with hundreds of individual 2" wide photos. the photos were thumbnail prints found on sites like gettyimages and shutterstock . don't ask how long this took...

my friends tell me there is a fine line between creativity and mental illness! but, hey, you always had something to look at when you were in the bathroom!

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Lindsay said...

wow you must have a lot of patience! that is a really cool idea though! i really enjoy reading your blog!