Monday, April 21, 2008

a table to put away

i have a small house, not a lot of floor space for playing and making. so, when i saw great potential floor space under my old kitchen table i knew i wanted to take advantage of it.

so, with a little help from my carpenter friend, Louie, i put together a new kitchen table that i could fold away when i wanted the space under it.

i took a trip to the local Happy Harry's to pick out a solid beech veneered door ($30) and a thick post for the leg ($10). Louie attached the door to the wall for me using piano hinge. Then he attached two blocks to the wall with latch/catch thingys (no idea what they are should have seen me trying to explain what i wanted to the sales person!) from Lee Valley .

the table then folds up to the wall and gets "clipped" in!

it weighs a ton, but trust me, it isn't going anywhere when it's secured to the wall. i eventually want to do some sort of funky artwork on the backside....or maybe a chalkboard for when eden gets older. although, then, i'd probably have to explain why i had chalk on my pants all the time...

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